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Hey there!  My name is Sara and I'm a video, photo, and film professional.  My passion is bringing stories to life by creating engaging media content.


I'm currently working as the Video Production Specialist at Durst, where I create documentary-style employee engagement, social media, and instructional/training videos. 

I've previously worked full-time as a Production Manager at OFC, a creative agency that specializes in employee communications and training videos, and a Floor Manager & Studio Tech at Cheddar, a post-cable news, media, and entertainment company.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from The College of New Jersey specializing in Television, Film, and Radio.  During my time at TCNJ, I was involved with Lions Television, the on-campus TV station, and 91.3 WTSR, the college's radio station. 


When I'm not working, you can find me at a concert, playing bass, or exploring new places with my film camera.

Shoot me an email.  Let's create something amazing!

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